Did you know that Belgium is famous for its comic art?

Belgium is the country with the most comic artists per square kilometre in the whole world. That's quite something!

You can see comics painted as murals throughout big cities, such as this design from a small street in the centre of its capital; Brussels.

We've never included characters in our architectural embroideries before...

But I (Elin) felt too inspired not to!

Frankly, it was almost a necessity when doing a representative design from the country of comics.

To stretch the creativity even further I stitched the design onto a black canvas with white contours as well as the incorporation of thread-sketching techniques.

Sounds overwhelming?

Don't worry!

To assist you in pushing your creativity, I filmed the process and put it together into this mini-workshop!

Whether you prefer to embroider the design onto fabric - or try with a canvas too - the videos will be hugely valuable in the process.

If you're not a member (and a membership isn't your thing) don't worry!

You can access the workshop and pattern with a one-time ticket, which will give you lifetime access and possibility to stitch it in your own time.