Monthly Pattern Program

Establish a healthy creative habit with new inspiring designs each month

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Are you a creative at heart but don't know where to start or how to keep it up?

Do you feel stressed and de-motivated to try to decide a new design to stitch?

Do you wish you create with your hands on a more regular basis?


To create regularly has helped us excel in our creativity and achieve a happier and more balanced life

Our Monthly Pattern Program gives you a new inspiring embroidery design each month to motivate you to prioritise your health and need to create more regularly

To embroidery for only 20 minutes will immediately lower blood pressure and decrease stress

Be someone with a healthy creative habit


Take action today and avoid to become a passive observer of your own creative journey

Opt in and out at your own desire

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Your Instructor

Charles and Elin
Charles and Elin

As full-time artists they know from first hand experience the necessity of a creative habit to succeed in an artistic and happy life. Over the past couple of years they've grown a collective audience of 200k+ on @petronella.art and @_charleshenry_ .

They've also taught 1000+ students through their online masterclasses, patterns and in-person workshops. Share your experience on #charlesandelin and be featured in their Instagram stories.

Visit their website: charlesandelin.com

Class Curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I have access to the patterns?
You will be able to find a new pattern on the 1st of each month under the "Curriculum section of your account"
What is included?
1) A new unique and inspiring embroidery pattern each month (as a downloadable pdf) 2) Technique guide 3) Stitch and Colour recommendations 4) BONUS close-up videos to help you master different techniques
What kind of patterns can I expect?
Unique architectural and street-scene designs inspired from all corners of our beautiful world
What if I don't have the materials needed to complete the design?
No worries! You can find everything you need in our affiliate shop on charlesandelin.com/materials
How many patterns will I receive?
As many as you like! Opt-in and out at any time.
I'm a beginner can I still join your program?
Absolutely! With the technique guide and close-up videos you will be able to practise at your own pace.
What if I don't like it?
Just email us to [email protected] and ask for a refund within the first 30 days.

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