Here is an overview of the workshop replays that you can currently find in the workshop library:

Introduction to thread-sketching

This workshop introduces you to the concept of thread-sketching by showing a stitch along example of a thread-sketching scene from Lisbon.

The PDF of the design is included to download in the curriculum section so that you can stitch-along as well.

The full process video is will be uploaded to the Academy membership.

How to stitch/sketch trees, bushes and leaves

This workshop is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Visual theoretical explanations (with pen and paper) of how to sketch trees, leaves and bushes
  2. Embroidered translations of the exercises in part 1

Includes downloadable worksheets so that you can practise along the workshop (PDF)

How to embroider floral balconies

This workshop is split into 2 parts:

  1. Visual theoretical introduction of what to think about and how to create floral balcony designs
  2. Embroider example that illustrate the recommended order and stitch techniques

The workshop also includes 3 practise patterns available in the curriculum section as PDF downloads

How to make embroidered mixed media cards

In this workshop you will learn how to turn mixed media art pieces into (Christmas) cards.

The workshop is split into 3 parts (full create-along):

  1. Painting with watercolor on fabric
  2. Stitching on the painted fabric
  3. Turn your mixed media piece into a card

How to embroider authentic balconies

This workshop includes 2 mini patterns of balconies that you can download for the stitch along.

It's divided into 2 parts:

  1. Showing and discussing examples of embroidered balconies from previous projects
  2. Stitch-along of 2 different types of balcony designs

How to embroider an ultrasound

This workshop focuses on breaking down the process of stitching an ultrasound by showing and explaining:

  1. How to understand/identify the design
  2. How to transfer the design to fabric
  3. Which stitch techniques to use

How to add watercolor AFTER stitching

Follow along a real time example where I add watercolor to an embroidery design after it has been stitched

Pt 1: How to embroider on your jeans pocket

Real time example of free hand improvisation embroidery on the backpocket of a pair of jeans.

Pt2: How to embroider your jeans

during the workshop we continue the work from the previous week with more details and an added floral to the back pocket

Introduction to architectural threadpainting

Get introduced to the architectural threadpainting style with different examples as well as practical concrete tips that you can implement today.

How to add watercolor to an embroidery

Another example of how to add watercolor paint to an already embroidered design.

To add watercolor to embroidery is a perfect way to add depth and life to an image

Chat about creativity and embroidery on tulle

A relaxing livestream session where Charles discuss your questions about Creativity in the same time as he works on an embroidery on tulle.


OBS, note that this is a growing content library and thus new workshops will be added on a continuous basis