What if...

⮕ You could turn your own designs into sell-able PDF patterns?

⮕ You learn how to create your own digital products (PDF patterns) that result in more time and income to explore your artistry further (and potentially scale up a business down the road)?

This is exactly what creating our first patterns did for us. And it can for you too!

To create complementary digital products to your art business gives you the opportunity to make passive side-income (No more trading time for money!).

"But how do you do it?! Technology IS NOT FOR ME..."

We get it! It's very easy to feel overwhelmed before you even start. Especially if you love to create physical art... chances are that to sit in front of the computer is at the bottom of your wish list.

This is why Charles has put together a

life-saving mini course that will not only save you tons of headaches,

but also time to figure out how to make your first pattern to sell.

✅ Beginner friendly

The course goes through the exact steps in real time (with screen recording inside the different software) for you to eliminate the overwhelm.

"But... You mention software, does it mean that I have to purchase something more?"

Great question and concern! And the answer is NO.

Charles goes through 2 different options for each step, one paid and one FREE option so that you can confidently get started without any additional budget available.

We know how tough it is in the beginning and every expense feels daunting, which is why it was essential to provide guidance of free tools as well.

This course is included in the Academy Membership

As a member of the Charles and Elin Academy you can simply navigate to "My courses" in the top menu bar and dive into the material right away.

More benefits for members are the additional complementary courses in the course registry that concentrates on the design making process.

For example:
⮕ In depth masterclass on how to create your own design (of any kind)
⮕ Mini course on how to create your own Sashiko patterns
⮕ Guided workshop on how to make your own designs by free hand

Not ready to join the membership yet?

We understand that to join a membership isn't for everyone, so this course "How to create your own PDF to sell or give away" is also available as a unique purchase.

As opposed to the membership, unique purchase gives you lifetime access to the material for a one time fee.

Unique purchase:

59USD excl. potential VAT depending on physical location

Looking for more in depth support on your art journey?

"How to create a sell-able PDF pattern" focuses on teaching you what the title reveals; How to create a digital product.

If you also wish for support on how to:
sell, market and build up a long-term art business around your patterns (and potentially other art related products/services)
We recommend that you also dive into the course "Art to Business".

The Art to business course is still in production, which means that you can still join in at a discounted "in progress" deal that gives you 100$ off full price. And as a member of the Academy Membership, you'd get an additional 50% discount.