Imagine if you could eternalise one of the most important moments in life in an art piece?!

Well, that's exactly what you get to do in this workshop.

This is for you who love a personal project and would like to turn either yours or the ultrasound from someone you know, into a unique art piece.

The workshop shows you an example in real time where you will;

1) Learn how to transfer the design to fabric

2) Master the stitch techniques

3) Know how to turn your ultrasound into an embroidered art piece

The workshop is delivered as a livestream replay, which means that you have the chance of included questions from the community (perhaps the same questions that you would've asked yourself!)

After going through the workshop you will have gained both the confidence and skills of how to turn an ultrasound into an embroidery.

This is not only highly valuable for your own benefit, but can also give you potential opportunities for future commission work...

Your teacher

Elin Petronella began to share her work on Instagram as in 2016, which quickly gained large exposure (200k+).

Fast forward some years and she has (along with her husband Charles) taught thousands of students the art of modern hand embroidery via Charles and Elin Academy.

She is also the co-author of the "Mindful Embroidery" book released in September 2020, worked for brands such as Hermès Paris and been featured in magazines such as Fubiz, My Modern Met and more...

Your workshop:

Or you can choose to purchase it ones uniquely