Guaranteed success !

This Practicum is made for you who love to see results.
It's a hands-on practical workshop that will get you to TAKE ACTION and create your very first designs by free hand.

Works perfect independently or as a practical course study to the full masterclass on "Create your own embroidery design"

Modern free hand embroidery is about falling in love with the creative process

Perhaps the only thing you're thinking right now is about the stress to make a mistake when you don't have any traced lines to follow. Or how to know what to make at all?

I get you!

Staring at an empty fabric and with a creative bank that seems oddly empty exactly when you finally have some time to create something... Wow we've all been there!

And it's so frustrating, especially as it sometimes feels impossible to get out of the rut.

I used to feel like this a lot before I implemented some simple but SUPER EFFECTIVE techniques in my creative process.

Ones you get these techniques down, you will be able to fully enjoy the liberating process of stitching by free hand.

Get the keys to creativity

There are two keys to creative free hand embroidery:

1) Simplify
2) Make your first stitch

If you get these two steps right, you've already increased your chances to succeed by 100%.
The toughest is always to start regardless of your previous experience.

Especially when it comes to creating something of your own as it's up to you to make your own instructions.

This is why I have created this proactive workshop to give you actionable tools and exercises to guide you through the process.

Your teacher

Elin Petronella began to share her work on Instagram as in 2016, which quickly gained large exposure (200k+).
Fast forward some years and she has (along with her husband Charles) taught thousands of students the art of modern hand embroidery via Charles and Elin Academy.
She is also the co-author of the "Mindful Embroidery" book released in September 2020, has worked for brands such as Hermès Paris and been featured in magazines such as Fubiz, My Modern Met, Inspirations and more...

The workshop is structured as a real-time practical exercise split in two parts:

➡ 30 minutes to get your creativity flowing (including effective exercises to do when you feel everything but creative...)

➡ 30 minutes of stitching (showing you the real-time process of creating a free hand design from scratch)

Be creative on your terms

I will show you the exercises and techniques from scratch so that you can choose to go at it by free hand right away.

And for you who feel slightly overwhelmed by the idea to do everything from scratch the first time around, I have also included printable exercise sheets as well as the complete pattern of the embroidery design that we begin together in the class.

Thanks to the pre-recorded workshop format, you can paus and re-watch any section you like for as many times you want.

Upon enrolment you get instant access to:

✅ The full video workshop (split into 5 parts to make it easier for you to paus and re-watch sections)

✅ Exercise sheet (PDF) that you can print and use to practise in case you don't feel ready yet to make it all from scratch yourself

✅ Exercise examples (PDF) to give you more ideas and inspiration for how you can challenge your creativity

✅ Completed pattern (PDF) of the free hand stitch project that we start together in the workshop so that you have the opportunity to practise some more

✅ Added visual insight for how I completed the last steps of the embroidery as well
"I have been embroidering for many years, most of my projects have been iron-on or pre-stamped. I ran across one of their YouTube videos and was hooked. Watching the videos (and emailing Elin) gave me the encouragement to try something new. Since then, I have enrolled in 3 of their classes. The classes are easy to follow and encouraging. You can definitely see their love for the craft. Thank you for all the effort the two of you have put into them. I look forward to see what you have in the future"
- Liz R.S

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