Q: What is the difference between enrolling in a course uniquely and to join the Membership?

The main difference is that the membership gives you access to ALL courses for the set price of 25USD per month, whereas purchasing a course uniquely gives you access to only that one course.

In the membership you can choose to stay on for as many or few months as suits you and during that time try any (or all) courses.

As a result, this can be perfect for you who are not sure of which course that you will love the most.

The only "catch" compared to a unique course purchase is that when/if you choose to cancel, you will no longer have access to the course material, unless you choose to come and join us again.

In this way you are able to be in charge of both time and money that you invest into your learning.

To purchase a course uniquely means that you have no time constraints, rather the material is yours and you can log in and work on it whenever it suits you without having to pay anything more.

Ps. If you have already purchased a unique course and choose to join the membership, you will still always keep access to the unique purchase regardless of how long you stay in the membership

Some people prefer the set amount, while others enjoy the flexibility of the Membership - what about you?

A little insight from behind the admin desk; We have seen a much higher activity rate within the membership, with more people completing lectures and courses (and thus working on their creative passion). Thus if you are a person who tends to put things off - a membership can be the perfect motivator to get going on your passion projects.

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